Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

There is this lovely Italian restaurant by our home that we just adore. Homemade pasta,  delicious Italian wine at just the right price and a staff that is second to none.  And if you are lucky enough to go to dinner on a warm evening, you may get a chance to sit on their patio that transports you away from the city.

Last night we attended their 10 year celebration, each course was paired with a wine from 2007 in the anniversary’s honor.  We were sat with strangers that became fast friends. We laughed and enjoyed each other’s musings, stories and laughter which only happens with souls who appreciate the best in life.

In the middle of the meal, the owner got up and began to say thank you.  He said his grandmother used to say the days are long but the years are short and how he’s loved every minute of at this place.  He got choked up as he mentioned his staff of 14, his family and his wife, his people.

This was met with a standing ovation from the loyal guests who’d been coming to this tiny place and entrusting his “family” with their memories and milestones.  Tears flowed and glasses clinked.

Isn’t this what life is about? Those moments and memories that we look back at fondly? Not the work, but the people you work with and for. It’s not just the birthdays, the engagements and wedding anniversaries, a new baby or the new job, it’s the not so special Tuesdays, those little quiet days that are made more special by a great meal and great conversation with friends and family. Just the act of sitting at the dinner table with loved ones is extra special.
Dont allow those long days and short years to go by – eat off the fancy plates, drink the fancy wine and toast to a Tuesday.  Revel in the memory making on those long days.


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