On an episode of “Grace and Frankie” this season (yes, I’m in my thirties and love that show!), Robert was struggling with his mother’s death. The priest explained his version of the afterlife was in how you were remembered. If someone is remembered as being a terrible person when they’ve passed, that must be hell, but if someone is remembered for being a good person, that must be Heaven. (Watching their discussion is better than my explanation. Sorry!)

Although religious teaching look at this differently, this concept really resonated with me.

Yesterday would have been my grandmother’s birthday. At her funeral, it was just our extended family, which takes up the whole room. We laughed, talked, hugged, and then went to the local bar to toast my grandmother’s memory. Years after we celebrated her 95th birthday together, there was a Facebook posting by my cousin and a toast (with soda) from us at lunch.

What does it all mean?

People celebrated her life and her legacy…and we still do.

As I head to a funeral today for a man with a kind smile and who always greeted us warmly, I’m happy to know he will be headed to Heaven as everyone yesterday took their loss and displayed a peace at knowing he was safe and sound in Heaven where his memory will continue.

Your charge for today: Do something today that will guarantee your place in Heaven.


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