Giving some positive feedback

When was the last time you just gave props to someone for a job well done? I often encounter people doing their job and I don’t think twice about saying anything. Sure, I smile or say “thank you” or show politeness, but it only takes a minute or two to find the supervisor to give the person props or even saying it face-to-face.

I take that back. I daily see “thanks” or “thank you” at the bottom of an email as a salutation, but that rarely registers since it’s on every email back and forth. Maybe this is just me. Maybe I want the positive note of appreciation that is unique to me. This makes me sound selfish, but I also argue that it makes me feel worthwhile; that someone is noticing the good work I’m doing.

The other day was a dreary one. After multiple days of beautiful, spring-like weather, it felt more like winter and everyone had requests and queries for me at work. As a result, I didn’t take lunch until 2:00pm, which wasn’t a difficulty. I like being that busy but my brain need a few minutes to recuperate from working in overdrive and balancing multiple projects at once. I headed over to my local Chik-fil-A restaurant and opted for the drive through since I had barely left when my phone was buzzing with new requests. (Why, oh why, did I give some people my cell phone number?! Texting is just another way to ask for something immediately. Grrr.)

I fumbled my order since my brain was starting to shut down before heading to the window. They had clearly had a busy day as well and the young man at the window processed the transaction and then apologized since I had to wait. Most of the time when this happens, I feel like people close the window, turn around, and talk to their colleagues. Instead, this young man took a minute to talk to me. He asked how my day was and encouraged me to engage in conversation. I asked how his was in return and he mentioned they had been busy. It might have been due to the weather outside, which easily led into some dialogue about warm weather versus cold weather, etc.

By the time my food was ready, my spirit had been lifted and I was ready to answer the messages on my phone. Why? Because someone took a minute to talk to me as a real person. It was a chit-chat conversation but I felt as though someone actually wanted to know how my day was and tried to make it less chaotic.

For some reason, this young man stood out in my mind and I appreciated his good work. The next day, I was still thinking about his response and decided to let the corporate office know he had done well (and so had his trainer).


The picture above is the email I received in return and it made me wonder: It’s easy to criticize but when is the last time people received a positive comment about their work?

Herein lies my mission for the week:
1. Write to corporate or main offices and give props to good work
2. Respond positively on Yelp, Google, etc. for businesses and increase their rating
3. Genuinely thank people or specifically tell them why they did a good job

We all need a little more kindness and this only takes a minute.

Wishing you a warm heart and a mind full of positive reflection.


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