The Challenge of Giving

When we first started this blog, it began with suggestions on charities in which to give money. It’s good to know that two months later, the support of non-profit organizations is a topic that seems to be flooding Facebook, Twitter, and other social media newsfeeds. This seems to be a popular topic in conversation as well and provides a great insight to the beliefs of the speaker.

Today, someone was telling me of a discussion at book club. While this took place in a retirement area, the group was made up of people from more than just one place/background. One woman, in particular, commented that she didn’t like some of the misinformation she was hearing. For example, she was tired of the negativity around Planned Parenthood since it offers so much more than abortions. Unfortunately, that information is downplayed. She decided she was going to tell the church that if they didn’t stop, she was going to take the yearly donations she gave the church and give it to Planned Parenthood instead.

When I heard this, I thought of another conversation I had. Following the election, my friend and her husband created an action plan, which included choosing a cause/organization to donate to every week. Not only are they helping the world, they’re studying the organizations and becoming more socially aware of the assistance that is out there for groups of different people.

These people are inspiring. They’re unhappy with the world they live in and feel compelled to help do something so they’re propelled to support the causes with which they agree. Have we ever had a time in history where we saw a surge of support? I guess that’s speculation for another day.

For today, we challenge you to give. Whether it be either every week or every month to a different organization, give. Maybe it’s $5. Maybe it’s $100. The amount matters little, but it matters that you’re supporting causes you believe in or have taken the time to research to see what they do. You might be surprised by what you learn is going on in the world.

Even better, we’ll post each week about a new organization. You don’t have to donate to our highlighted group but this might hold us accountable to doing the right thing (and yes, we always take suggestions). Maybe you’ll be held accountable, too.

We hope you at least look for a cause to donate to this week so that even though your wallet is a little lighter, your heart feels a little warmer.

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