Save The Planet This Christmas

I love online shopping. Its so wonderful to order something with a touch of a button and poof! days later, it arrives on  your doorstep. What I hate is the boxes that they are shipped in. I break them down and recycle them, but I’m always trying to find new ways to  reuse them.

Well Give Back Box is a great way to give that box a new life and donate your old stuff at the same time. Certain retailers like Amazon and Overstock have partnered with Give Back Box to help you collect unused or old items, pack them in that box, print a label and send them off to Goodwill. According to the site’s FAQs, any old box will work, not just a box from the participating retailers.

Can we say “genius”? What a great way to purge old items from your home, get a nice tax deduction and save a box from the landfill.

Now you have no reason not to donate something this year.

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