Appreciate the Christmas Lights!

Does anyone appreciate the time, effort, and family bonding that goes into creating a wonderland of lights?

My friend posted last year that she and her family go on a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt every year and leave a bag of treats at a few houses that they’ve decided have the best decorations.

I opted to take the senior citizens (aka my parents) with me last year to complete this scavenger hunt since it sounded fun. Guess what? It was a LOT of fun and I’ve been looking forward to this date on the calendar to try again. (I may or may not have taken side roads to a few locations to scope out where to go.)

Although we used a different list, I appreciated being able to cross off objects. Without it, wandering around to say, “Oh, that’s pretty” is easy but it’s even better when you’re looking for something because you pay attention to all the details at each house. You’re not just looking at the big picture but you’re looking for the small aspects that create the scene.

Yes, there is a life lesson in this scavenger hunt. Life is not all about passing by the houses on your way to your next destination. Every once in a while, you need to drive by a little slower. You need to appreciate the twinkling lights or look for Santa. If you don’t, life passes in a blur and you’ll forget to appreciate the people, who took time to make your life brighter, or the smile that crosses your face when you spot the inviting candy canes lining a front walk.

In other words, move a little slower. Take time to find a wreath. Listen for the music. Point out the polar bear. The holidays should make you appreciate the gifts life has provided you.

Best of luck on your escapade!

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