Uniting a family

A few weeks ago, when this blog began, I wrote about a teacher at my former school, who was trying to raise money to adopt two boys from Bulgaria, who happen to be brothers to her adopted daughters. When they began this journey (a total of two years from start to finalizing the adoption of the girls), they were unaware of the other siblings. Once they found out, they requested taking all four children but they were told they had to start from scratch with all the paperwork, doctor’s visits, home visits, etc. These noble parents took a deep breath and went to work.

While the hiccups have been mighty and a local doctor hadn’t/wouldn’t sign the papers they needed despite the health tests being complete for weeks, the adoption agency has helped the family and moved through obstacles as quickly and efficiently as possible. (I love to hear about these great and helpful organizations!)

Financially, this was an undertaking for a couple that had already saved to bring the girls home so they created a plan and involved the girls in helping this endeavor.

Their plan: create a blog; set-up a fundraising page; begin making bracelets and keychains to sell, a skill the girls learned in their former country.

Now the support could begin.

I, myself, found the post from a friend on Facebook and learned about the family’s situation. By sharing their story on our blog and my Facebook page, a few o friends stepped up to offer support (well, by donating and by buying bracelets).

Here we are, roughly three weeks later from when most of this began, and the support from social media and news coverage is heart-warming. Some know the family; some don’t. Some donated financially; others spread the news; others are offering to hold fundraisers. People from all over the United States have poured in to the point the family is over halfway to their goal.

These actions and reactions show me that we are still a world where kind, selfless people are the cheerleaders for each other’s dreams. This warms my heart.

For more information about the Nelson family and their journey, please check out their story and to place an order at Bracelets for our Brothers, or donate at Bring Our Brothers Home.

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