To Insure Prompt Service

The summer before I started college, I was a server at an Italian restaurant. I had worked in the kitchen for over a year making salads and salad dressings (I was affectionately known as the Salad Queen – cue Abba!). I was pretty excited to get the chance to climb the proverbial career ladder and make a little more money.

And chance it was. I thought that if you provide great service, you’d earn good tips. Some times that was true, other times you’d stare at the $2 you received wondering what you did wrong.

For many people, tips are their primary source of income. My husband works in the restaurant business, he comes homes many nights and tells me stories of people who come into his place of employment, sit down for hours and leave less than 10%. There’s nothing that takes the wind out of the sails of a server than a crap tip.

Yes, it’s such a great feeling to give a tip that is way more than the norm. You may not see the impact you make, but sometimes you do – you see it on their faces, sometimes they may even question you.  Whether you see it or not, know that that person appreciates your generosity.

Hopefully today, you find a way to say thank you and give a larger than normal tip – be it a barista, a server, a bellman, the person who washes your hair at the salon, the cab driver, the tour guide, the pizza delivery guy, the valet, whoever.

Oh and… if you can, tip in cash. In most establishments, the recipient gets to take cash tips home that day instead of waiting for payday. It could be beer money, but it might also be rent.

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