Where does “paying it forward” start?

Although the concept of “paying it forward” has been around for centuries (some say as early as 317 BC), we’re going to credit Lily Hammond, who wrote the book In the Garden of Delight in 1916. She wrote, “You don’t pay love back; you pay it forward.”

Love and kindness are based on the same feeling. Although you may not love all of the people you meet, a feeling of kindness and wanting to be good to them usually comes over us.

Since writing this blog, I often wonder what our purpose is. Are we writing for attention? Are we writing for ourselves? Does anyone read these anyway?

Then, a moment of clarity washed over me.

A friend texted me this weekend and let me know they were inspired by our writings. A co-worker of his was having a bad day and seemed sad so he wanted to do something to bring them cheer. Since Facebook tells us everything about each other, he was reminded of a post about a book they wanted to read. He went to the store, bought the book, and left it for them at work.

That is why we write this blog. To inspire kindness. To start the “paying it forward” effect.

This act of kindness undoubtedly made a difference to his co-worker. For those moments, they probably smiled, felt appreciated and warm-hearted, and perhaps they brought some cheer to the others at work, which allowed the act of kindness to be paid forward. Maybe, just maybe, they saw a friend whose spirit needed lifting and did something nice and selfless for them.

Do you have an act of kindness that you’d like to share? Were you the recipient of someone spreading kindness? Tell us your story!

2 thoughts on “Where does “paying it forward” start?

  1. I’m reading! I love it ladies. My favorite act of kindness is when I am eating a meal out I often pick a table to buy for then I either tell my waitress or pay for their ticket up front. I am not there to see when they realize their bill was paid but I always feel pretty happy myself so the act of kindness isn’t just for others, I do it for me too 🙂 Double bonus.


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