Oh we need a little Christmas…T

I got invited to a charity’s holiday brunch today. A friend called and said that she had an extra ticket. The brunch was at Morton’s Steakhouse, how could I refuse?!

I didn’t know anything about the charity, Big Sisters. It’s a Catholic organization that works towards scholarships for low income young women. I was amazed to see a roomful of mostly women dedicated to such a cause.

Today also marked Chicago’s first snowfall of Winter 2016. It was one of those magical snows where the world gets quiet and just for a moment you believe there is peace. It was that big, fat snowflake-y awesome snow that make you think you are in a snow globe.

Before lunch, I stood at the bar listening to some Frank Sinatra since some Christmas hits and watching the street below and in that moment, the Christmas spirit hit me.

So bring on the holidays, the baking, the wrapping and all of the songs we used to sing.

Cause we need a little Christmas, right this very minute.



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