I Love You, Man

On the first day of our December 2016 Kindness-A-Day Calendar, we are to compliment someone. Done. Check. I complimented many people – my co worker rocked a pink suit that was amazing. I complimented another person about their ability to do amazing things I could never imagine doing in Excel. It felt great. And they appreciated it, too.

It was also my friend’s birthday and she posted on Facebook a note how much love she felt by the outreach on her day. It was touching and heartfelt and lovely, not the typical Facebook “thanks for the birthday wishes” post. She was truly appreciative of everyone’s kindness.

Today, we got our wedding photos back from our photographer. Over 400 beautiful and amazing photos to rifle through; each one evoking an smile, laugh or a warm feeling within. Just looking at the pictures brought me back to that day and how wonderful it felt to be with all my people. Everyone looked beautiful; they were smiling having a good time, enjoying a cocktail or the last wisps of sun before nightfall. But looking at those photos today made me want to hug and thank every single person that were part of our day. I needed to make sure everyone knew how much I appreciated them.

I thought to myself as I was posting photos online why, if it feels good to give a compliment and it feels good to get attention, do we need to be reminded to do it?

As we enter the holiday season, remember this is a season where we stop to say thank you, wish glad tidings, give gifts, and try to be kind to others. So let’s start today to do a little more each day. By the time the Christmas tree is put away in a few short weeks, you’ll have created a habit that you can continue with throughout 2017.


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